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Your Loved Ones and Wedding Guests Refuse to Get Vaccinated. Now What?

Jess Wilder

Mar 17, 2023

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The postponements have waged on and it's finally time for you to put together your seating arrangements, among other wedding day considerations. There is, however, one glaring issue: the unvaccinated wedding guest. Arguably and currently one of the most contentious topics in weddings, some couples marrying in 2021 will have to address this new type of guest directly.

After all, you've extended an invitation because they're presumably a loved one, whether it be your dad, aunt, best friend from high school, a colleague's husband, you name it. You could have guests who firmly believe vaccinations are essential to saving lives or you might have loved ones who are vaccine-hesitant. It's an especially tricky scenario if you've invited guests who are immunocompromised or under the age of 12. In short, how do you avoid a possible wedding day calamity ahead?

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